3M4658F Removable Foam Tape Mounting Tape

3M™ 4658F Removable Foam Tape Mounting Tape is a clear, high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape. This unique adhesive is designed for bonding plastic materials to themselves as well as to a variety of other substrates that require good holding power with clean removability.

Its conformable nature allows for a rapid rate of strength build-up, reaching between 50% and 80% of its ultimate adhesion within the first 10 minutes. Note that this removable foam tape can reach high bond strengths and some substrates may become difficult to remove.

The strength of the 4658F foam tape bond is dependant on how firmly the tape is placed on a surface. For a better bond simply apply more pressure when applying the tape. Always prepare your surface by cleaning and drying it and ensuring it is well unified.

The  3M™ 4658F Removable Foam Tape works well with numerous surfaces and provides clean removal from different materials such as glass, metal, ceramic tiles, wood, plaster and cement, and many more. When placing on wood veneers and highly polished wood furniture please take extra precautions as reactions with the surface may leave an ‘image’ and not allow for clean removal. This tape is not recommended on plasticised PVC.

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