3M Plate Mounting Tapes

Flexographic Tape System
An effective tape has to perform at three key stages in the plate mounting process

Allows the plate to be precisely set and repositioned if necessary.

Holding the plate precisely in position however long the print run

Removal of the plate from the tape without damage, then the tape from the cylinder. This means faster mounting and removal, without the use of solvents, faster running speeds and a closer control of solids, line and dots.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Features PDF 0.38mm Price From
3M 10 Series Standard Combination Printing Tape Data Sheet £341.23
3M 11 Series Process Printing Sharp Image Finest Dots Data Sheet £341.15
3M 13 Series Medium/Soft Combination Printing Tape. Rich Halftone Data Sheet £328.59
3M 17 Series Firm Combination Printing Tape Data Sheet £358.28
3M 19 Series Fine process. Fine Lines. Small solid areas. Data Sheet £351.72
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