3M Other Double Sided Tapes

For your peace of mind 3M products are renowned throughtout the world for their performance quality.

These are the other 3M double sided adhesive products and are used by signmakers and shopfitters for point of sale and printers. In fact wherever performance is at a premium.

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Product Selection Guide
Ref Thickness Colour Peel Shear Temp Features PDF 12mm Price from
3M 410 0.23mm Off White 5.5 High 90° Rubber adhesive good surface contact
Data Sheet £11.11 (1 inch)
3M 415 0.20mm Clear 2.7 Medium / High
80° Splicing general mounting
Data Sheet £23.26 (25mm)
3M 9527 0.23mm Off White
3.0 Medium
70° General purpose rubber adhesive
Data Sheet £5.79 (19mm)
3M 920XL 0.09mm Clear
2.2 Medium
120° Continuous Stationary
Data Sheet N/A
3M 9308 0.08mm Clear
3.8 Very Good
75° For low surface energy plastics
Data Sheet £8.63 (25mm)
3M 9576 0.10mm Clear
3.5 Medium
75° General purpose
Data Sheet £3.81 (25mm)
3M 9576b 0.10mm Black
3.5 Medium
75° General purpose for splice identification
Data Sheet £3.81 (25mm)
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