3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 7962MP

The 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape Double Linered 7962MP is a 127µm, pressure-sensitive transfer tape on a liner that can be used to attach graphics and join other industrial materials to metals and high-surface energy plastics.

It has a range of uses, including securely and smoothly attaching nameplates and graphic overlays, foam gasketing and for kiss- and die-cutting. It is often used in the aerospace, medical, automotive, appliance and electronics markets. It can be applied by hand or automatically and will ensure no mess or waste during the adhesion process, while the bond is guaranteed to last long-term, making these double linered transfer tapes a reliable choice.

The high-performance, 3M™  200MP acrylic adhesive used in this tape promises high-performance for graphic attachments and is highly resistant to both solvents, moisture and humidity, and can even operate for short periods of time in conditions of up 204°C, ensuring it remains securely bonded, even in the most extreme conditions. It is also UV resistant. This adhesive also has high sheer strength and is effective against slippage and edge lifting, although, upon application, it is temporarily possible to reposition the tape if required.

This adhesive transfer tape is backed by a double polycoated kraft liner, which grants the tape rigidity and thus prevents it from curling or ripping. This liner is removed once the tape has been applied, adhesive side up, to the surface requiring bonding.

Before use, we highly recommend making sure the surface is both clean and dry; use a solvent such as heptane for oily surfaces or, for plastics, we recommend employing isopropyl alcohol. This will ensure the integrity and performance of the adhesion. Apply at temperatures of between 15.6°C and 38°C for ideal adhesion conditions.

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