3M™ Floor Marking Tapes

Effectively and safely demarcate any space with a range of floor marking tapes – from general-purpose line marking tapes to specialised industrial floor tapes for visual management. Our floor tape product range has been carefully selected to bring you the highest quality brands and products that meet safety requirements and make installation and removal as easy as possible.

Perfect for use within a vast range of settings, from industrial environments like factories and warehouses to domestic or small-scale use in schools and sports grounds. Our range of marking tapes are durable and can be used in applications outside of demarcation, too.

Protect parts and equipment, or temporarily mark floors using our range of coloured General-Purpose Floor Marking Tapes - especially useful for irregular surface areas thanks to its pigmented vinyl backing.

Enhance floor markings, make identification easier, or effectively colour-code using the 3M Superior Floor Marking Tape range with exceptional sealing properties. The abrasion resistance and dead stretch properties of these 3M tapes make for a long-lasting, precise application.

Alternatively, implement an efficient 5S Visual Management System throughout warehouses and factories using the Vinyl Line Marking Tape starter pack, consisting of 8 coloured floor tape rolls. Easy application and removal results in less downtime, so you can focus on creating a safer environment. Colour saturation is critical for this application; 3M vinyl marking tape contains colour locked into the vinyl for permanent high visibility.

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