3M™ Cleaning Solvents for Adhesives, Coating, and Sealers

The 3M™ range of Cleaning Solvents includes two types of cleaning products, Scotch-Grip Solvent No. 1 suitable for cleaning excess adhesive on materials and products and Scotch-Weld Solvent No. 2 for oil-resistant adhesives.

Cleaning solvents are an important part of preparing surfaces for tape application as well as during clean up to ensure that no adhesive is exposed and leaving your surface vulnerable to bonding with dirt or unwanted materials. The 3M™ cleaning solvents No. 1 and No2. are the perfect cleaning solution no matter the type of adhesive you are working with.

The 3M™ Cleaning Solvent No. 1 is the allrounder, this solvent will work great with most fast bond adhesives. The Toluene and Heptane blend can be used to clean up any mess created during the adhesive application, whether you are looking to clean up the excess on parts, materials, stock, equipment, or large surfaces this adhesive remover will be able to cut through them. The 3M™ Solvent No. 1 is a good basis to dilute adhesives you are working with, especially when trying to control the tackiness of your adhesive.

Strong bond adhesives are no match for the 3M™ Solvent No. 2 which will cut through any tough to remove oil-resistant material. This powerful adhesive solvent is a mix of Toluene, Petroleum Distillate, and N-Hexane which work together to remove oil-resistant and permanent bonding agents, sealants, and coating. This cleaning solvent may be left overnight, and you can soak equipment parts in the solution, however, please note that it may be too harsh for some types of rubber and plastic.
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