3M™ 980 Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape

The 3M™ Diamond Grade Reflective Tape was made with safety in mind, a durable and easy to apply film tape which uses prismatic lenses to reflect light and give your vehicle an extra layer of protection in low visibility conditions.

Available in three eye-catching colours (white, yellow, and red) this tape is a must-have when marking large vehicles for additional safety. We highly recommend this tape for Emergency Service Vehicles, to mark large trailers and caravans, as well as for protective highlighting on rigid-sided vehicles such as lorries.

The 3M™ Reflective Vehicle Marking Tape is lined with a strong, pressure-sensitive adhesive for a permanent bond which allows the reflective tape to stay in place for up to 8 years. The reflective layer is resistant to fuel vapours, dirt, chemical or oil spills making it one of the most durable marking tapes available.

This tape is easy to maintain and can be hand washed using warm water and a detergent with a soft material. We recommend using non-abrasive, strong but neutral solvents. For tough to clean dirt like tar or grease, use a heptane or mineral spirit solution to cut through and wash off properly.

The reflective sheeting is sealed in a film lining which holds resin lined with microprisms that use their lens shape to reflect car and street headlights back to car driver behind or to the side of your vehicle. For those looking for the most reflective solution, we recommend the red-coloured 3M™ Vehicle Marking Tape.

This reflective tape comes in four different sizes, please choose your size and colour at checkout.

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