3M™ Vinyl Tape 5S Colour Coding Starter Pack

The 3M™ 5S Colour Coding Starter pack is the perfect vinyl line marking tape selection for creating a more organised and safer workplace. Each colour has an assigned function making it easy to label and organise your space making work more efficient thanks to the visual cues created by the colour coded system.

Colour-coding marking tape can be used not just on flooring but also on any surface or for labelling materials to create a more organised workspace. For areas requiring safety zones or marked caution areas, the starter pack includes two 3M™ Safety Stripe tapes which include bring colours and are formed into the vinyl to ensure high visibility at all times.

To ensure that the 3M™ 5S Colour Coding system quickly becomes part of daily routine by differentiating different types of work zones, information communication will improve productivity and transforming your organisation.

The 5S Colour Coding system is easy to remember:

  • Yellow – Aisles, workstations, walkways
  • Orange – Inspection areas or storage locations
  • Red – Safety and first aid zone, scrap area
  • Green – Finished goods
  • Blue – Raw materials
  • Black – Work in progress
  • Black and Yellow Stripes – Extra caution area, potential risk
  • Black and White Stripes – Stay out, operational area

Each tape has been lined with strong rubber adhesive that sticks to almost all surfaces and creates a permanent bond. The vinyl is a strong durable material resistant to any scuffing, chemical spills, moisture, and usual wear and tear that comes with ageing. Whilst the rubber adhesive is strong and durable, it also allows for clean removal when compared to other tapes.

This easy to use 3M™ 5S Colour Coding Starter Pack is the perfect solution for safe and organised work environments without the need to paint and create additional signage.
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