3M™ 4918 VHB™ Acrylic Foam Tape

This 3M™ VHB Acrylic Foam Tape is a 2mm transparent high bonding tape using strong acrylic adhesive for extra holding power and durability. Thanks to the solid acrylic adhesive and transparency, this product is ideal for materials that require almost invisible joining and splicing such as glass, plastics, and polycarbonate.

With VHB joining systems foam technology this Acrylic Foam Tape reduces vibration and impact stress using high dynamic stress absorption whilst also forming a permanent seal protecting surfaces from moisture, water, and spills. This tape performs well with high surface energy substrates such as glass porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium, polyester, polycarbonate, and PVC’s. The 3M™ 4918 can be used as a replacement mechanical fastener or as a liquid adhesive removing the need for screwing, drilling, grinding, and welding even when working with dissimilar materials.

As with many other VHB products, please make sure that your surface is dry, clean, and has been primed or unified when working with fibrous and metal surfaces.  Acrylic adhesives are pressure-sensitive, for the best bonding results simply apply pressure when applying the 3M™ 4918 to the surface. In some cases, exposing the bond to higher temperatures for a short period of time can increase bong strength. The adhesive will become firm if it is applied in temperatures below 10°C resulting in poor bonding.

This product is available in six sizes.

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