3M™ 2 Part Adhesives

Viking Industrial Products are 3M™'s N°1 on-line partner with over 30 years of experience. We stock and sell the complete range of 3M™ 2 part adhesives for aerospace, automotive and rail.

For general industrial use the 3M™ EPX system is one of the simplest methods currently available for dispensing 2 component adhesive. It consists of two cartridges, mixing nozzle and an applicator gun. The EPX system erdaicates the complications of measuring and mixing adhesives and harden accurately, critical to acheiving perfect performance. By simply fiwing the nozzleonto the cartridge and sliding it into the applicator the EPX system is ready to use in seconds.

  • It avoids hand mixing abd resultant errors
  • Bonds most substrates
  • Joins and seals in one operation
  • Reduces waste
Consisting of 3 formulations the EPX 2 part adhesives will meet most industrial requirements.

Epoxy formulation for the strongest bond with a range of 10 products depending on substarate, temperature requirements, open time and work life.

Polypropylene for the most flexiable bond.

Acrylic formulation for reduced assembly time, instant bonding and excellent performance on difficult substrates such as low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and polyethelene.

In addition to the 3M™ EPX industrial range we have a wider range of products available for areas such as Aerospace. Take a look at our comprehensive range, order on-line or for technical help from one of our specialists ring our technical help line on 01535 610373
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