1.6mm 3M™ VHB™ GPH160 GF High Temperature Tape

3M™ VHB GPH is a grey conformable double coated acrylic foam tape. Its high temperature performance enables bonding of materials in applications with high operating temperatures such as prior to processing in a powder coating line. Further, its capability to bond to a wide variety of substrates makes it a good fit for multi material bonding.

Those substrates have a high or medium surface energy including many metals (e. g. stainless steel) and plastics (e. g. Polyamide, PMMA, ABS). It is available in three different thicknesses and has a '3M™ branded red siliconised polyethylene film.

  • High temperature performance (short term +230° C; long term +150° C)
  • High Initial Tack
  • Soft foam enables stress relaxation and an easy application
  • Good balance of high temperature and peel & shear performance
  • Good sealing properties
  • For indoor and outdoor use
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