Tape & adhesive application inspiration: From wind turbines to artisan food delivery

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Tape & adhesive application inspiration: From wind turbines to artisan food delivery
As one of the UK's leading online retailers of industrial tapes and adhesives, our vast product range has endless applications in sectors from packaging and construction to automotive and signage. Here are just a few recent examples


Attention all keen Cyclists!

How do you protect your precious bike? Our 3M Bike Protection Tape is available in different widths and lengths and is an effective way to protect your bike against scratches and chips. We’d love to see a photo of your pride and joy dressed up in our protective bike tape like the one we received from this reviewer.
Buy it here: https://bit.ly/3nzduTs


Big news from Boris about windfarms

The Prime Minister recently announced a £160m to upgrade ports and factories for building wind turbines to help the country "build back greener" £160m to upgrade ports and factories for building wind turbines to help the country "build back greener"Did you know that we specialise in 3M wind turbine protection tape?  It's made from an exceptionally tough, abrasion resistant, transparent polyurethane elastomer and can significantly reduce and even eliminate leading edge erosion in wind turbine blades, shielding them from pitting, wear and water ingression to resist puncture, tearing, erosion and weathering.
Benefits include:
-Highly durable
-Erosion and weathering resistant
-UV stable
-Solvent free technology
-Easy and fast application either in the factory or the field with no special tools needed
-High conformity to complex shapes
-Maintain turbine efficiency
-Reduce downtime and maintenance
-Extend life of blades, even in the harshest of environments
Find out more and buy them on our website: https://bit.ly/30DlmcA


Personalised Printed Tape

Our Printed Tape has been used by businesses to package up all sorts of products! Check it out here on its way to Wild Horse Brewing Co ready to be used for their online orders.
Want your own branded Printed Packaging Tape? Shop online here 👉 https://bit.ly/3c6sMtu
VividWorx specialise in custom printed designs for vans and have started using our 3M™ VHB GPH Tape to bond cast resin “pucks” to the back of their clients’ vans. Its high temperature performance enables bonding of materials in applications with high operating temperatures such as prior to processing in a powder coating line. Further, its capability to bond to a wide variety of substrates makes it a good fit for multi material bonding. Find out more about it here - https://www.vikingtapes.co.uk/products/3m-vhb-gph-110gf-high-temperature-tape-25mm-x-1-1mm



Extended Floor Sticker range

We've added Floor Stickers to our Personal Protection range which are proving very popular! Choose from:
⚠️ Wear a Mask
⚠️ One Way
⚠️ Stay Apart
⚠️ Stay Safe
Shop online here and see the rest of our PPE range - https://bit.ly/3egE9i7


A sweet relationship with a longstanding client

We’ve been supplying Bon Bons Sweets with 3M double sided tape to attach the label to their Fudge bags with since 2017. Ideal for bonding together a variety of materials including glass, papers, metals and paints when a hidden seal is needed.
We love helping customers find a product which works for them, even more so when it helps package up delicious homemade fudge!
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