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Polyurethane Tapes

Bike Tape 3M 8671HS 3M 8663dl 3M 8561 3M 8562 3M 8671HS

Products include: 3M™ Aircraft Belly Protective Tape and 3M™ Polyurethane Protective Tape in 5 different grades.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Adhesive Thickness Temp PDF Price
3M8671HS Very tough film with high strength adhesive. Resistant to puncturing, excellent abrasion resistance and outdoor weather resistance. Acrylic 0.36mm -51° to 160° Data Sheet £7.59
3M8663DL Resists punctures, tearing, abrasion and erosion. It is formulated for resistance to ultraviolet light. Acrylic 0.46mm Up to 135° Data Sheet £354.42
3M8561 Made from exceptionally tough polyurethane film 8561 is suitable for indoor industrial applications with long aging acrylic adhesive. Acrylic 0.36mm -51° to 150° Data Sheet £71.84
3M8562 Thinner version of 8561 Acrylic 0.20mm -51° to 150° Data Sheet £40.81