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TEC7300 Hot Melt Spray Gun

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TEC7300 Hot Melt Spray Gun

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The TEC 7300 is one of a series of new generation pneumatic hotmelt applicators.

This unique, economic hotmelt spray system is ideal for covering areas of up to 2m2 at one time, and can be used on heat sensitive materials, such as expanded polystyrene and other plastic films and foams.

Unique features include changeable spray nozzle assemblies, which offer a variety of options to change spray patterns to wide or narrow, and the amount of adhesive extruded at one time. The spray pattern can also be adjusted by using the rear mounted spray control knob (easy to use by both left and right handed users). A range of spray adhesive formulations are available to suit most applications.

The most unique feature on this tool is the built-in speed loader, which holds an extra two 43mm glue cartridges in reserve, and enables the machine to be re-loaded in seconds and whilst in operation.

Please note this product is no longer available to buy online.

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