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3M 5962F VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 6mm x 33m x 1.5mm

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3M 5962F VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 6mm x 33m x 1.5mm

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3M™ VHB™ Tape 5962F utilize a modified acrylic adhesive on both sides of a very conformable adhesive foam core, providing adhesion the broadest range of substrates, including most powder coated paints.

  • In many cases abrasion of surface is not required
  • Suitable for use in many interior and exterior industrial applications
  • Black in colour
  • Temperature range -30°C to +121°C
  • Clear material is ideal for joining transparent material
  • Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth, with no unsightly rivet heads or weld marks
  • Spreads stress load across length of the joint
  • High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress

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