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Wave Solder Masking Tapes

Especially good for specialised masking applications in high temperature environments. 3M™ 5419 includes extremely low electrostatic discharge properties for gold edge protection during wave soldering of printed circuit boards.


Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Temp PDF Price
3M 5413 High temperature kapton film masking tape for use in wave solder 260° Data Sheet £31.21
3M 5419 Polymide film high temperature tape with low electrostatic discharge properties, excellent for wave solder. 260° Data Sheet £26.89

3M™ 5413 Kapton Plastic Film Tape
Amber coloured KAPTON film is very distinctive in its appearance. The film ha...
3M™ 5419 Low Static Polyimide Film Tape
A translucent polyimide film backed silicone adhesive tape with unique and ex...