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Venture Aluminium Foil Tapes

Our Venture Aluminium Tape range includes:

1521CW Venture Aluminum Foil Tape
1517CW Cold Weather Aluminium Foil Tape
1577CW Venture Clad Tape
1579CW Venture Clad Plus
1555CW Venture Tape Cryogenic Barrier Tape
1524CW Reinforced Foil Tape
1553CWB Black Reinforced Foil Tape
1578CW Venture Clad Tape
3243 Venture High Temperature 200° Aluminum Foil Tape

Please note: Long lead times are possible, please call the office for clarification.

1517CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Aluminium Foil Tape
3M™ VentureClad™ Tape 1517CW is a 1.2mil dead soft aliminium foil coated with...
1521CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Aluminum Foil Tape
1.4 mil dead soft aluminum foil coated with a cold weather acrylic pressure s...
1524CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Reinforced Foil Tape
A bi directionally reinforced polyethylene foil lamination coated with a spe...
1555CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Tape Cryogenic Barrier Tape
3-ply laminate cryogenic vapor barrier tape made with polyester film, alumin...
1578CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Tape
A three ply laminate, made with 2 layer of aluminum foil (outer layers) and ...
1579CW 3M™ VentureClad™ Plus
3M™ VentureClad™ Plus 1579CW is a patented, zero permeability, absolute weat...
3243 3M™ VentureClad™ High Temperature 200° Aluminum Foil Tape
Aluminum foil coated with a high temperature, aggressive acrylic pressure sen...