Two Part Epoxies for Clear Bonding

A range of two part epoxies suitable for clear bonding.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Colour Nozzle Mix Ratio Work Life Handling Time Full Cure Price From
DP100 Rigid. Quick setting product. Clear Standard 1:1 3-5 mins 15 mins 1 Day £14.83
DP105 Highly flexible. Very transparent. Very fluid. Clear Standard 1:1 4-5 mins 20 mins 1 Day £14.83
DP110 Strong bond, toughened, excellent bonding to metal. Controlled flow. Clear/Grey Standard 1:1 8-10 mins 20 mins 2 Days £14.83
DP610 Life long clarity. Ideal for glass & translucent materials. Clear Standard 1:1 10 mins 120 mins 7 Days £17.13
DP804 Specifically designed to quickly bond clear plastics. Clear 7 Element 1:1 3 mins 4 mins 1 Day £15.17
Thorflex CT2 Clear version of Thorflex T3 Clear 7 Element 1:1 3 mins 5 mins 8-12 Hours £10.02
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