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Planed Wood Best Sellers

These products are strong enough and thick enough to rpovide a strong bond.
We have indicated (VP) where we consider products to be of exceptional value.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type Adhesive Thickness Temp Shear PDF 25mm Price From Value Product
VK130 PVC Acrylic 0.16mm 80° Good Data Sheet £5.61 VP
VK181 Polyester Acrylic 0.20mm 80° Good Data Sheet £6.37 VP
VK196 Film Acrylic 1.0mm 120° Good Data Sheet £16.07  
RP25 Acrylic Foam Acrylic 0.6mm 93° 26 Data Sheet £19.91
RP45 Acrylic Foam Acrylic 1.1mm 93° 28 Data Sheet £23.89  

3M™ RP45 VHB Tapes
1mm thick takes up any surface mismatch or the effects of differential expans...
3M™ RP25 VHB Tapes
  Produces a strong waterproof bond on most surfaces. All acrylic constructio...
VK181 Clear Double Sided Tape with a Red Liner
Double Sided Polyester with long ageing acrylic adhesive on a silicone and PE...
VK130 Double Sided Tape
Heavy Duty White PVC with acrylic adhesive.
VK196 Transparent High Bond Gel Tape
A general purpose high bond tape for general signage and display. Suitable fo...