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Low Cost General Purpose Double Sided Tapes Best Sellers

Cost effective products for the print finisher, contract packer and general user.

There are two main types:
Tissue - Hand tearable
Polyester - Smoother coating therefore slightly better grab

There are two adhesives:
Rubber - For more immediate grab
Acrylic - Useful if subject to U.V. or temperature. Generally longer ageing and better on plastics.

There are different adhesive strengths:
General Purpose
High Tack - for difficult surfaces - Glass, Folders etc

If in doubt please ring for technical advice.

Product Selection Guide


Type Adhesive Temp Thickness Description PDF 25mm Price From
VK10205 Tissue Rubber 50° 0.16mm Low cost tearable tissue for paper card Data Sheet £1.59
VK1225 Tissue Acrylic 180° 0.16mm High performance tearable tissue tape. High temperature long ageing. Paper board, 180° splicing Data Sheet £4.21
VK2732 Tissue Rubber 60° 0.08mm Good all rounder, hand tearable Data Sheet £1.31
VK3054 Polyester Acrylic 120° 0.07mm Long ageing good temperature performance. Data Sheet £1.92
VK181 Polyester Acrylic 120° 0.20mm High performance film based tape - "Super Sticky" metal, plastics, PVC banners. Data Sheet £6.37
VK130 PVC Acrylic 80° 0.16mm High performance high grade. Excellent mounting tape for plastics, wood, metal, PVC banners. Data Sheet £5.61
VK110 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 120° 0.13mm High performance acrylic adhesive. Excellent multi purpose mounting tape. Metal, plastic, nameplates Data Sheet £8.38

VK10205 Double Sided Tissue Tape
General purpose double sided hand tearable tissue tape with rubber adhesive.
VK2732 Low Cost Easy Tear D/S Tissue Tape
A selection of double sided low cost general purpose tapes. Hand tearable for...
VK1225 Double Sided Tape
A double sided tape suitable for corrugated splicing. With acrylic adhesive a...
VK181 Clear Double Sided Tape with a Red Liner
Double Sided Polyester with long ageing acrylic adhesive on a silicone and PE...
VK110 Adhesive Transfer Tape
A high performance long ageing acrylic adhesive, suitable for metal nameplate...
VK130 Double Sided Tape
Heavy Duty White PVC with acrylic adhesive.
VK3054 General Purpose Double Sided Polyester Tape
Double Sided Polyester Tape, High Tack Modified Acrylic Adhesive.