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Automotive Abrasives

The complete range of sanding discs from general purpose 3M™ 388u to the ultimate in surface finishing 3M™ Trizact™.

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3M 255P C weight paper backing gives good mineral support for longer product life and sustained cutting action. Features enhanced anti-loading coating to extend product worklife.

Gives a longer working life than 388u.
Better quality general purpose
3M 375L For metal working applications the 375L film disc in coarse grades is desgined to meet your demanding industrial applications. The durable film backing and premium mineral extend abrasive life and help improve overall productivity.

For woodworking applications the key is creating the perfect surface for accepting the final finish. 3M 375L in medium grades contours to challenging work surfaces, delivering a superior finish while the load resistant coating extands abrasive life.

For paint finishing applications which require versatility the 3M 375L discs in fine grade are designed to deliver superb finish on paint and clear coat technologies commonly used in furniture and transport industries.
Best for long life
3M Trizact 3M Trizact Structed Abrasives offer ultimate solution for pecision finishing work. The abrasive surface last several times longer than conventional coated abrasives, leading to a range of cost saving benefits. Trizact discs give the ultimate fine finish on paints, laquers and hard surface.

Excellent for automotive paint applications.
The ultimate disc for fine finishing work

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