3M™ RP62 VHB Tapes


3M™ RP62 VHB Tapes are double-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for bonding a variety of substrates including many metals, plastic, composites, sealed wood and painted materials. The all-acrylic construction gives 3M™ VHB RP extraordinary strength, conformability, and versatility.

This double-sided tape is an excellent solution for not just indoor but also outdoor solutions. Thanks to its UV resisting properties, ability to withstand weather damage and a strong bond which creates a waterproof seal it is one VHB’s stronger tapes. This range of VHB tapes are 1.6mm thick and are capable of bonding on various surfaces, even ones that do not match, thanks to differential expansion.

For best results, we recommend that any surface that the tape will be applied on is cleaned beforehand. The best cleaning solution is one of a 50:50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. It can take up to 72 hours for the tape to form a final and permanent bond. Please note that this tape should not be applied in environments that are at temperatures below 10 °C as the adhesive may become too firm and not form a bond.

The dynamic shear properties of 3M™ RP62 VHB are appropriate to stainless steel applications and static shear qualities held the following weights for 10 000 minutes during testing:

- 22 °C: 1000 g/inch²

- 70 °C: 500 g/inch²

- 93 °C: 500 g/inch²

3M™ VHB RP bonds to a wide variety of surfaces including glass, metal, some plastics, composites, and sealed wood.

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