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3M Glass Cloth Tape

Glass Cloth Tapes are glass cloth backed tapes used in applications requiring high temperature resistance, high adhesion, abrasion resistant, flame retardant properties.

Used in applications requiring high temperature high tensile strength, good holding power and abrasion resistance, permanent sealing of high temperature ducts and chambers, sealing thermal and acoustic insulation panels where
high adhesion and flame retardancy are needed, aircraft window sealing and many other uses.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Temp Class Application Adhesive Thickness Max Temp PDF Price 25mm
3M361 Class H Motor Winding
Silicone 0.19mm 230° Data Sheet £98.71
3M365 - Thermosetting
Rubber Resin
0.16mm 150° Data Sheet £34.22
3M398FR FAR 25.853/855 Aerospace MRO
0.18mm 120° Data Sheet £36.05

3M™ 361 Glass Cloth Tape
3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 361 features a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive for ...
3M™ 365 Thermosetting Glass Cloth Tape
White woven glass cloth has high tensile strength and good ageing properties....
3M™ 398FR Flame Retardant Glass Cloth Tape
3M™ Glass Cloth Tape 398FR is a flame retardant solution for zargo bays and o...
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