3M™ Dual Lock™ Full Rolls (45.7 Metre rolls)

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The 3M™ Dual Lock™ Rolls are a range of fastening systems which use interlocking mushroom-shaped stems to join with one another when fastened together to create a seal. This high-quality sealing system comes with a range of rolls with adhesive backs as well as plain backs, which can be stapled or sewn onto any material or surface. All adhesive rolls have a plastic protecting liner in the back of the strip.

Based on your needs the 3M™ Dual Lock™ Rolls differ in their adhesive type (we offer rolls with no backing, rubber adhesive for general uses, and acrylic for high-performance bond) and different types of disengagement strength. Low disengagement strength dual lock rolls will not mate with themselves, whereas most medium, high, and very high rolls will mate normally. Please note that the SJ4570 Dual Lock Low Profile Roll has a medium/high disengagement strength and will mate only with itself.

All adhesive backed 3M™ Dual Lock™ Rolls come with instruction indicating how to best apply and attach the strips, please follow directions for best results. We recommend that surfaces are smooth and clean, free of oil, dirt, and dust particles that could break adhesive bonds.  Depending on the disengagement strength and type of adhesive, each Dual Lock™ roll will have a different waiting period for adhesives to bond to a surface before the strips can be pushed together using pressure to interlock the mushroom-shaped stems.

Each type of Dual Lock™ roll will be able to accommodate different types of jobs from tiling to simpler household applications. Please click through to read more about each 3M™ Dual Lock™ Roll and contact our technical helpline for advice on your upcoming project and Dual Lock™ Roll needs.

Product Selection Guide
Disengagement Strengths Combination Types
Property Surface 170-400 250-250 250-400 400-400
Tensile disengagement Lbs/sq.in. (kPa) Rigid to Rigid 32 (221) Low Clear 38 (262) Medium Black 30 (207) Medium 47 (324) High 55 (380) V.High
Please note SJ 4570 only mates to itself
We do not recommend SJ 3552 mates to itself

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type (Stems/Sq Inch) Adhesive Disengagement Strength Colour Features
SJ3440 250 None Medium Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3540 250 Rubber (general purpose) Medium/High Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3541 400 Rubber (general purpose) Medium/High Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3542 170 Rubber (general purpose) Low (will not mate to itself) Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3550 250 VHB Acrylic (high performance) Medium/High Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3551 400 VHB Acrylic (high performance) Very High Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3552 170 VHB Acrylic (high performance) Low (will not mate to itself) Black 25mm x 45.7m
SJ3560 250 VHB Acrylic (high performance) Medium/High Clear 25mm x 45.7m
SJ4570 250 High Performance Acrylic Adhesive Medium/High (only mates to itself) Clear Low Profile 25mm x 45.7m