3M™ RP25 VHB Tapes

3M™ RP25 VHB tapes produce a strong waterproof bond on most surfaces. The all-acrylic construction gives this tape extraordinary strength, conformability, and versatility. The composition of VHB tape resists UV and weather damage, making it a great solution for outdoor applications. It also offers high solvent resistance and dynamic shear properties on stainless steel.

3M™ VHB bonds to a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, some plastics, composites, and sealed wood. It is tensile strength on stainless steel is 550 kPa, and temperature performance on stainless steel is 121°C when dwelled for 4 hours at elevated temperature with 100 g weight, whereas long terms (days and weeks) is 93 °C.

For best results always prepare your surface with manufacturer solvents. Ensure there is no dirt, dust, and oil on the surface. This multi-purpose acrylic comprises of a closed-cell, conformable acrylic foam with a density of 720 kg/m3, and is 1.57mm thick, making it suitable for irregular surface applications where precision is required.

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