3M™ 5490 "PTFE" Extruded Film Tape

The 3M™ 5490 “PTFE” Plastic Film Tape is made from low friction film which makes it very resistant to wear making it more applicable to surfaces that are flat and will not require edge curling. Made using DuPont’s “Teflon” PTFE and backed with a silicone adhesive this film tape will not wrinkle or cause air bubbles when exposed to temperatures above 120°C.

This extruded film tape has many applications, it is mainly used to create an easy release surface on rollers, belts, or plates by wrapping the area that needs to remain free of stickiness or paint. This tape can also be used to line bins or hoods as well as for wrapping cables or pipes.

The chemical resistance of 3M™ 5490 is graded as excellent, however, due to the silicone backing the film tape should not be exposed to commercial organic solvents as they will attack the silicone and cause the adhesive bond to break down.

Always apply the tape on a dry, clean surface that has no loose fibres. For best results, we recommend that the surface on which 3M™ 5490 Extruded Film Tape will be applied is first preheated to at least 65°C to ensure that the adhesive will be tacky and bonds to the surface properly. Firm and evenly spread pressure should be applied.

Please note that this tape uses “Teflon” technology and when exposed to temperatures above 204°C as it will begin giving off small quantities of toxic fumes – ensure that you are using an adequately ventilated room should the tape be exposed to temperatures that could cause this reaction.

The 3M™ 5490 is available in three sizes.