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3M 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape 50mm x 110m

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3M 467 Adhesive Transfer Tape 50mm x 110m

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3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes with 3M Adhesive 200 are the industry choice for metal nameplates for the industrial or electronic applications because of excellent quality, consistency and durability.

In addition, as a result of 3M's innovative, proprietary process, Adhesive 200 also offers the following performance characteristics:

Excellent high temperature performance as well as excellent shear strength (that minimizes edge lifting and slippage of parts).

Excellent resistance to harsh environments; this adhesive can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases and salt water. In addition, it performs well after exposures to humidity and hot/cold cycles.

Outstanding peel adhesion values are outstanding on metals and HSE plastics. Peel adhesion increases with increased adhesive thickness.

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