3M™ 2.5 Metre Dual Lock™ Rolls

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Dual Lock™ from 3M™ is a high quality mushroom type reclosable fastening system. Viking now supply a range of Dual Lock™ products in 2.5 and 5m rolls.

These will either mate with themselves or each other to give different disengagement strengths.

Product Selection Guide
Disengagement Strengths Combination Types
Property Surface 170-400 250-250 250-400 400-400
Tensile disengagement Lbs/sq.in. (kPa) Rigid to Rigid 32 (221) Low Clear 38 (262) Medium Black 30 (207) Medium 47 (324) High 55 (380) V.High
Please note SJ 4570 only mates to itself
We do not recommend SJ 3552 mates to itself

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type (Stems/Sq Inch) Adhesive Disengagement Strength Colour Features
SJ355B 250 VHB Acrylic
(high performance)
Medium/High Black 25mm x 2.5m
SJ387B 250 Acrylic
(high performance)
Medium Black 25mm x 2.5m
SJ354B 250 Rubber (general purpose) Medium/High Black 25mm x 2.5m
SJ356B 250 VHB Acrylic (high performance) Medium/High Clear 25mm x 2.5m