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3M™ 1553CW - Venture Tape™ Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape (Black)

Please Note: This product is no longer available please click here to view the ProClad alternative.

3M™ Venture Tape™ Foil Facing Tape 1553CW/B is a bi-directionally reinforced black aluminum foil/scrim/polyester laminate facing tape coated with a special cold weather acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

  • Bonds and seals at temperatures as low as -10ºF (-23ºC)
  • Excels in demanding temperature and humidity applications
  • Conforms well to curved and irregular surfaces
  • Specifically designed for cold weather conditions
  • Scrim Reinforced Application Ideas Use as a vapor seal for reinforced aluminum faced fiberglass or mineral wool thermal insulation

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