We offer our customers PEACE OF MIND. We have over 25 years experience providing cost effective Tape, Adhesive and Abrasive solutions. We slit special widths. We cut special shapes. We print. We specialise in various industry sectors, Automotive, Aerospace and Signage


A large selection of industrial adhesive tapes including, VHB Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Masking Tapes, Magnetic, Foil Tape and more.


Fibre Discs, Abrasive Rolls & Sheets, Surface Conditioning Belts and Hand Pads all at low prices.

3M Tapes

The full range of 3M Products including Single Sided Tapes, Double Sided, VHB Tapes & much more.

Glue Dots

Are dots of adhesive on a roll in both removeable and permanent variation. Available in Handy Dispenser Boxes or with Manual or Automatic Applicators.


A large range of Velcro® branded products including Rolls, Straps, Circles, Stick OnTape and Ties.

Advanced Tapes

A range of Advanced Cloth Tapes, PVC Protective Tapes, Heavy Duty Pipe Wrap Tape and Polyethylene Tape.

Anti Slip

A range of Anti Slip products including Standard, none abrasive and coarse. Also 3M Safety Walk and Scotch Clad 7888 coating.


Two options are available in our 3M Handwipe range: 3M Professional Handwipes & 3M Heavy Duty Textured Handwipes.

Automotive Sector

A range of products used within the Automotive Sector.


A range of 3M VHB Tapes, Helicopter Tapes, Aerospace Adhesives, 3M Double Sided Tapes and 3M Dual Lock.

Sign Makers Sector

A large range of sign making products including 3M VHB, 3M “right price” tapes, 3M Dual Lock, Two Part Epoxies and Banner Tapes

Die Cuts

We can customise tapes to any shape to suit specific production requirements or individual needs.


Detailed technical data to help in deciding which product will suit your application.

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