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Sealants for the Construction Industry

A range of Sealants for the Construction Industry

Product Selection Guide
Ref Description Tensile Strength Temp Range Shore A Skin Time Applications PDF Price 310ml Value Product
3M 550FC General purpose Medium -40°C to 90°C Approx 45 50-90 mins Seam Sealing, Gap Filling Data Sheet £5.46  
MS Polymer Hybrids
VKSX Excellent adhesion and holding power High -40°C to 100°C 60 (Trans. 40) 10 mins Weatherproofing Joints, Glazing Systems, Joints and Assemblies in Coach Body Work Data Sheet £3.51
3M 760 Excellent adhesion/fast skin time High -40°C to 100°C 55 10-30 mins Seam Sealing, Panel Attachment, Lightbox Sealing, UV Resistance, Window Bonding Data Sheet £9.46