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Exhibition Tape

A double sided blue polythene tape coated with an emulsion acrylic adhesive on the open side and a hot melt adhesive on the closed side. The open side can be easily removed without leaving any surface residue but has a higher coat weight for use on less smooth floor surfaces.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Width Adhesive Thickness Temp Shear PDF 25mm Price From
VK4109 38mm Acrylic 0.155mm 50° Medium Data Sheet £6.02
VK4109 50mm Acrylic 0.155mm 50° Medium Data Sheet £7.90

Product Name Product Code Price / From
VK4109 NEC Exhibition Tape 38mm x 50m - MOQ 6 DSET3850 £6.22 excl Vat.
VK4109 NEC Exhibition Tape 50mm x 50m - MOQ 6 DSET5050 £8.16 excl Vat.