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Cloth Tapes for the Construction Industry

Including specialist grade cloth tapes and gaffer tapes for general purpose applications. Ideal for all repair and splicing applications. High tack. Water resistant finish. Easy tear.

3M 1900 Duct Tape General Purpose Cloth Tape Unbleached Cloth Tape Thermosetting Cloth Tape High Performance Cloth Tape Very High Performance Cloth Tape Matt Finish Cloth Tape Cable Friendly Cloth Tapes Gas Closure Cloth Tape Nuclear Cloth Tape

Product Selection Guide
Ref Description PDF Price
3M 1900 General Purpose Utility Cloth Duct Tape. Special Offer Price Data Sheet £1.87 VP
AT169 General Purpose Cloth Tape, ideal for all general repair and splicing applications. Data Sheet £2.05  
VK9061 Cloth tapes available in several colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Dark Green and Orange Data Sheet £3.32  
AT175 Polycoated Cloth Tape, good abrasion resistance with excellent long term outdoor exposure. Data Sheet £7.61  
AT142 Neutral ph values and unlikely to react with surfaces to which it is applied. Data Sheet £9.04  
AT159 Polycoated tape, good long term resistance to outdoor exposure. Good water resistance Data Sheet £7.72  
AT160 Water proof tape, very good long term resistance to outdoor exposure, good abrasion and puncture resistance. Data Sheet £12.80  
AT163 Thermosetting Cloth Duct Tape, the adhesive bakes onto applied surface above +110°C. Water and salt water resistant, ideal for use in marine applications. Data Sheet £11.04  
AT180 Waterproof Polycoated Cloth Tape, good abrasion resistance with excellent long term outdoor exposure. Highly conformable. Data Sheet £9.48  
AT200 Ultra matt finish minimises light flare and reflection. Flame retardant in situ, safe to use on stages and stadia where fire is an issue. Data Sheet £12.90  
AT201 Matt finish and the strongest gaffa tape. Very easy tear with a writable surface and in wide colour range. Data Sheet £12.77  
AT202 Gloss finish with cable friendly adhesive, peels cleanly from cables and most other surfaces. Data Sheet £6.98  
AT293 Premier Closure Plate Tape. High tack SureFire adhesive, sticks to aluminium, plaster, brick and concrete designed to thermoset at 110°C creating an air tight seal. Data Sheet £19.74  
AT712 Nuclear Tape. Individually packaged in plastic bags and manufactured on a plastic core to ensure low halogen content. Minimal reaction to specialised steel surfaces. Data Sheet £13.59  
Tesa 4665 A special transparent outdoor cloth tape used for different applications where long term, outdoor stability and transparency are needed. Data Sheet £5.33