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Adhesives for Foam and Fabric

A range of Adhesives suitable for Foam and Fabric

Product Name Product Code Price / From
3M Scotch-Weld 74 (3M Foam Fast 74) - UK Mainland Only 3M74Spray £7.84 excl Vat.
3M Scotch-Weld 80 (UK Mainland Only) 3M80Spray £12.50 excl Vat.
3M Scotch-Grip 10 Contact Adhesive 3MScotchGrip10 £13.24 excl Vat.
3M Scotchweld 100 Contact Adhesive 20ltr 3M100 £217.47 excl Vat.
VK Thortack 24 Kit - Delivery in Yorkshire Only Thortack24Kit £222.36 excl Vat.
VK Thortack 24 Adhesive Canister Thortack24 £138.72 excl Vat.
VK Thortack 24 Spray Gun and Hose Thortack24Gun £109.86 excl Vat.