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Super Soft Bumper Stop Protectors

BumperStops have developed a unique range of protective BumperStops™ Protectors using a highly transparent yet resiliant, soft polyurethane material.

The raw material used to manufacture these BumperStop™ Protectors has been specially formulated to provide the ultimate in sound dampening performance and has a high tack, high performance pressure sensitive adhesive.

Applications for this range of products include any industries where sound dampening properties are required.
Typical markets are kitchen & bedroom furniture, Industrial & school lockers, cupboards in boats & caravans.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Height (mm) Width (mm) Standard Colours Bumper Stops per Box Price per 1000
PD9025 2.5 7.9 Transparent 3000 £20.97
PD9010 3.1 10.0 Transparent 5000 £23.08
PD9125 3.5 12.7 Transparent 5000 £24.43
PD9931 3.1 10.0 Transparent 5000 £23.51

Product Name Product Code Price / From
PD9025 Bumper Stops 7.9mm x 2.5mm - Box of 3000 - MOQ 6 PD9025 £64.82 excl Vat.
PD9010 Bumper Stops 10.0mm x 3.1mm - Box of 5000 - MOQ 6 PD9010 £118.89 excl Vat.
PD9125 Bumper Stops 12.7mm x 3.5mm - Box of 5000 - MOQ 6 PD9125 £125.85 excl Vat.
PD9931 Bumper Stops 10.0mm x 3.1mm - Box of 5000 - MOQ 6 PD9931 £121.11 excl Vat.