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X Weave & Monofilament Tapes

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Used on cases where the extra strength of a reinforced tape is required either for centre sealing or as reinforcement clips on the edges of flaps.

Filament tape is also used for heavy duty bundling and tabbing. X Weave may be preferred due to its extra cross directional strength.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Features PDF Price Comp Per Roll Value Product
VKMONO A utility packaging tape reinforced with continuous glass filaments which give tensile strength to the tape Data Sheet £1.28 VP
VKXWEAVE General purpose tape reinforced with two directional (cross weave) glass filaments Data Sheet £1.53 VP
3M 8953 3M General Purpose Mono Filament Tape Data Sheet £1.41  
3M 8954 3M General Purpose Cross Weave Filament Tape Data Sheet £1.70  
3M 8959 Similar to 8954 - Ring for prices Data Sheet POA