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Paint Masking Tapes

VKSO80 is designed for use by the automotive industry for 'Low Bake' masking and will remove cleanly as is 3M7101 the industry standard.

3M™ 1104 is a low tack masking tape being easily removable from most surfaces.

We have tried to indicate where a product is of good value (VP). If in doubt please ring our technical help line.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Features Temp PDF Price Value Product
VKSO80 Low Bake Masking 80° Data Sheet £0.73
3M 201E (2321) High Performance General Purpose Paint Masking 80° Data Sheet £0.91
3M 202 High strength masking tape. 95° Data Sheet £3.63
3M 301E (2364) Temperature performance allows air drying and oven curing of paint. 100° Data Sheet £1.74
3M 1104 Specially designed for those applications where a less aggressive adhesive is important. 120° Data Sheet £1.90
1499 Venture red Stucco masking tape. Specialist tape for the building industry. 100° Data Sheet £6.28