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3M™ 5413 Kapton Plastic Film Tape

Amber coloured KAPTON film is very distinctive in its appearance. The film has excellent dimensional stability at elevated temperatures and is very strong. The addition of a specially formulated silicone adhesive provides a tape with excellent chemical and solvent resistance and especially good for specialised masking applications in high temperature environments.

Product Name Product Code Price / From
3M 54130536 Kapton Plastic Film Tape 0.5in x 36yds 3M54130536 £47.67 excl Vat.
3M 541307536 Kapton Plastic Film Tape 0.75in x 36yds 3M541307536 £71.52 excl Vat.
3M 5413136 Kapton Plastic Film Tape 1in x 36yds 3M5413136 £95.36 excl Vat.