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3M™ Bumpon™ Protectors - Square

3M™ Bumpon™ protectors serve as high performance feet, stops or spacers. They absorb vibrations and noise and stick to most surfaces.

3M™ Bumpon™ protectors are made from polyurethane which offers excellent non-slip properties and will not mark surfaces. These self adhesive protectors are fast replacing screw-on, riveted and push in feet.

Click here for the 3M™ Bumpons™ catalogue in pdf format.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Shape Height Width Colour Bumpons per Box Adhesive Hardness (Shore) Price From
SJ5007 2.5 10.2 Black 3000 Rubber A 65-75 £157.80
SJ5008 3.1 12.7 Black 1000 Rubber A 65-75 £180.25
SJ5018 5.8 12.7 Black / White / Grey 3000 Rubber A 65-75 £311.06
SJ5023 7.6 20.6 Black / White / Grey 1000 Rubber A 65-75 £157.55
SJ5514 13.2 20.6 Black 1000 Rubber A 65-75 £284.22

Product Name Product Code Price / From
3M SJ5007 Bumpon Protectors 2.5mm x 10.2mm 3MSJ5007 £177.22 excl Vat.
3M SJ5008 Bumpon Protectors 3.1mm x 12.7mm 3MSJ5008 £202.44 excl Vat.
3M SJ5018 Bumpon Protectors 5.8mm x 12.7mm 3MSJ5018 £349.32 excl Vat.
3M SJ5023 Bumpon Protectors 7.6mm x 20.6mm 3MSJ5023 £176.94 excl Vat.
3M SJ5514 Bumpon Protectors 13.2mm x 20.6mm 3MSJ5514 £319.19 excl Vat.