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3M™ VHB™ Glass & Clear Bonding Tapes

Clear acrylic VHB™ tapes. Colourless making them ideal for bonding transparent materials or for applications where a coloured bond line is unacceptable.

These products are differentiated by thickness. 4614 general purpose and 4910 being the standard products. We cut to order so any width down to 6mm is available as standard.

Remember clean dry surfaces are essential. Use 3M™ VHB™ Cleaner and for critical applications on glass use 3M™ Silane Primer.

If in doubt please ring our Help Line.

Product Selection Guide
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price from
3M4905 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 0.63mm Data Sheet £70.67
3M4910 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 1.13mm Data Sheet £41.04
3M4915 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 1.63mm Data Sheet £29.01
3M4918 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 2.13mm Data Sheet £32.85
VK525 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 1.0mm Data Sheet £7.22