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A range of Nozzles for use with the 3M™ EPX™ 2 Part Adhesive range. Please note that careful selection is required when choosing your nozzle as they differ depending on which adhesive you will be using.

For adhesives; DP100, DP100NS, DP105, DP110, DP190, DP410, DP460, DP490, DP760, DP609 & DP610 select the Quadro Nozzles.

For adhesives; DP801, DP804, DP805 & DP810 select the 7 Element Nozzles.

For adhesive DP8005 and DP8010 select the 17 Element Nozzles

Product Name Product Code Price / From
3M EPX 17 Element Nozzles Pack of 12 3MEPX17ElementNozzles £13.11 excl Vat.
3M EPX 24 Element Nozzles 3MEPX24ElementNozzles £3.49 excl Vat.
3M EPX 7 Element Nozzles Pack of 12 3MEPX7ElementNozzles £7.18 excl Vat.
Quadro Nozzles Pack of 12 3MEPXStandardNozzles £9.67 excl Vat.
3M EPX Square Orange Nozzles - Pack of 12 3MEPXOrangeSquareNozzles £6.28 excl Vat.
Viking Thorflex Two Part Adhesive Nozzles Pack of 12 TFNOZ £7.25 excl Vat.