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3M™ VHB™ Plastic Bonding Tapes (vinyl)

These products are differentiated by colour and thickness. Their softer adhesive makes them suitable not only for some plastics such as PVC but also irregular surfaces.

The exception is 4945 which has a firmer adhesive and better temperature performance.

Remember use 3M™ VHB™ Cleaner and for advice ring our Technical Help Line.

Product Selection Guide
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3M GPH Colour: Grey - Thickness: 0.6/1.1/1.6mm Data Sheet £8.80
3M4991 Colour: Grey - Thickness: 2.30mm Data Sheet £27.98
3M4919 Colour: Black - Thickness: 0.64mm Data Sheet £42.40
3M4941 Colour: Grey - Thickness: 1.1mm Data Sheet £44.38
3M4945 Colour: White - Thickness: 1.1mm Data Sheet £46.57
3M4947 Colour: Black - Thickness: 1.1mm Data Sheet £46.85
3M9465 Colour: Clear - Thickness: 0.13mm Data Sheet £29.71
(1 inch)