Our Product Range

Plastics PVC & Vinyl

A range of products mainly 3M, suitable for bonding PVC and other high surface energy plastics. These products have adhesive designed not to react to the plasticisors migrating from the plastics. We have indicated (VP) products
that are especially good value for money.
If in doubt please ring our technical help line.

Product Selection Guide
Ref Type Adhesive Thickness Temp Shear PDF 25mm Price From Value Product
VK130 PVC Acrylic 0.16mm 80° Medium Data Sheet £5.43 VP
VK8355 Polyester Acrylic 0.21mm 120° High Data Sheet £7.71  
3M 9080 Tissue Acrylic 0.16mm 120° Good Data Sheet £7.33 VP
3M 9087 PVC Acrylic 0.27mm 85° Good Data Sheet £7.22  
3M 9088 Polyester Acrylic 0.21mm 150° Good Data Sheet £7.89  
3M 950 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.13mm 120° Medium Data Sheet £20.26 (19mm)  
3M Refix Tape Adhesive Transfer - 10 metre rolls Acrylic 0.13mm 120° Medium Data Sheet £6.18 (12mm)  
3M 9465 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 0.13mm 94° Medium Data Sheet £29.02 (1 inch)