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Low Cost General Purpose Double Sided Tapes Best Sellers

Cost effective products for the print finisher, contract packer and general user.

There are two main types:
Tissue - Hand tearable
Polyester - Smoother coating therefore slightly better grab

There are two adhesives:
Rubber - For more immediate grab
Acrylic - Useful if subject to U.V. or temperature. Generally longer ageing and better on plastics.

There are different adhesive strengths:
General Purpose
High Tack - for difficult surfaces - Glass, Folders etc

If in doubt please ring for technical advice.

Product Selection Guide


Type Adhesive Temp Thickness Description PDF 25mm Price From
VK10205 Tissue Rubber 50° 0.16mm Low cost tearable tissue for paper card Data Sheet £1.56
VK1225 Tissue Acrylic 180° 0.16mm High performance tearable tissue tape. High temperature long ageing. Paper board, 180° splicing Data Sheet £4.16
VK2732 Tissue Rubber 60° 0.08mm Good all rounder, hand tearable Data Sheet £1.28
VK3054 Polyester Acrylic 120° 0.07mm Long ageing good temperature performance. Data Sheet £1.90
VK181 Polyester Acrylic 120° 0.20mm High performance film based tape - "Super Sticky" metal, plastics, PVC banners. Data Sheet £5.83
VK130 PVC Acrylic 80° 0.16mm High performance high grade. Excellent mounting tape for plastics, wood, metal, PVC banners. Data Sheet £5.55
VK110 Adhesive Transfer Acrylic 120° 0.13mm High performance acrylic adhesive. Excellent multi purpose mounting tape. Metal, plastic, nameplates Data Sheet £8.29